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Ouroboros: Game Play: The Forest of Gloom

The Zero Game Studio, a unit of The Interactive Institute of Sweden, was a computer games research studio comprised of academics, scientists, artists and writers, whose mandate was research and development in the field of deep characterisation and dramatic game play in game.

My position there was Artist & Researcher. I was Art Director for the studio's main game project, Ouroboros - a Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game environment. More about the project...

Abmong my responsibilties to the studio and to the game project itself, was to visualise the research of the studio's academic staff, in this case that of Mirjam Eladhari and her work on object-oriented storytelling.

Above is one of these visualisations... this one illustrates how an object a player creates (Torch of Love which gives the player psychic energy) using their skill can be used at a later date (after being overwhelmed by the gloomy forces as they approach the Forest of Gloom)... when the player remembers in their gloominess their Torch of Love, they use its psychic energy to transform the negative energy of the Vampire Voice that was controlling the forest, transforming it into a beautiful, peaceful environment!

On Ouroboros' visual style...

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