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about the game ...
there is joy
in sadness
as hope brings
a smile and
forgiveness lends
curiosity to
loss, so...
seed laughter into
your anger and let
friendship soothe
your frown...
for in the night,
love unfurls the
petals of freedom


1. Click the images or the links to view the questions and to see people's responses.

2. To add your response click on the question's email link.

There are no 'right' answers! This is not a test... it's just for fun :)

  what is the shape of joy?   what is the colour of laughter?  
if sadness were a floer what would it look like? what does anger smell like?
what is the shape of hope? what is the shape of friendship?
what is the texture of a smile? how does a frown sound?
what is the colour of forgiveness? what is the texture of the night?
what is the shape of curiosity? what is the shape of love?
what is the texture of loss? what is the texture of freedom?

Experiments in Seeing in Sense...

Seeing in Sense is a simple little game I developed to enable people to tap into their creativity a little more...

It's incredibly inspiring and moving to see what everyone comes up with in response to these questions, moreover to see what delicate brilliance we all have within each and every one of us!

So please take a peek around and see what fantastic little gems some of the other folk with whom you share this planet have bubbled forth.

Have a go at answering a question (or more!) yourself too. Don't be shy and please don't ever think that what you might think might be any less astounding than what others think... you know? ;-)

Oh, and email your response(s) in please - they don't have to be fancy... they might even be just one word! The sheer joy of this 'game' is in the sharing and in 'seeing' how extraordinarily unique and similar we all are.

I hope you enjoy it!

p.s. to learn a little more about the history and future plans for this game, click here.