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about the game ...
there is joy
in sadness
as hope brings
a smile and
forgiveness lends
curiosity to
loss, so...
seed laughter into
your anger and let
friendship soothe
your frown...
for in the night,
love unfurls the
petals of freedom
  see for yourself...
  About Experiments in Seeing in Sense...  


Experiments in Seeing in Sense is a simple little game I developed to enable people to tap into their creativity a little more...


I created it for the first exhibition of my paintings, to help visitors experience the state of sensual visual-thought play I am in when I paint. I don't mean sensual as in sexy - I mean it as in the experience of being engaged directly with my senses. Go to my paintings section for further illumination on that one!

The game was comprised of a box of 80 small cards, with an accompanying blank booklet. Visitors were encouraged to select a card randomly and either discuss the question with friends, or write down their responses in the booklet.

I was astounded and amused to walk around the exhibition and listen to the incredible buzz as people excitedly shared and debated their responses!

And I was deeply touched when I read the entries in the book... I'd never realised how poetic everyone is. In fact one recurring comment from others was that they'd never realised how creative they were themselves!


I decided to develop the game a little further. Hence this initial, very simple version for my website with just a small selection of questions.

I want to open the game up to a wider audience, and encourage as many people as possible to share the beauty of our collective creativity...

It doesn't matter if you're an accountant, a cleaner, a super-star or a literary genius... we all have our own little-big glowing ball of creative fire in us, and it's amazing to see what everyone's perspective on their world is!


I am planning to make this into a stand-alone online game soon, and am also in discussions with a psychologist to make it into a tool for counselling, for as she pointed out to me... the questions are lovely, gentle visual ways to learn more about ourselves as well as being a whole lot of fun!


I hope you'll enjoy the game,

and please do tell your friends to play too...

the more, the merrier!




1. Any content submitted to me for inclusion in this game may be published on all materials relating to the game itself and marketing thereof.
2. I will not publish submissions that are offensive, inappropriate or unrelated to the game or the spirit thereof.
3. The concept of the game, Experiments in Seeing in Sense, is © Sri Elkins 2006