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Hello My Friend...

Thank you for stopping by today to have a little peek and play! You're in a dreadful rush you say? Oh please sit back, relax and stay...
For on this website you will find some food for heart and soul and mind! There’s candy to delight the eye and nourishment to get you by…

picture of tree Explore the paintings I have dreamt
Of other worlds where time has bent
The nature of the way things are
To conjure notions oft bizarre!
picture of eye Now here’s some fun for you to try –
A game for your subconscious eye…
Come see in sense and you may find
Delightful treasures in your mind.
picture of cat ear See how I like to frame the things –
The little pearls on life’s own strings –
That catch my eye and compel me
To photograph them as I see.
picture of hand I also have a love for story -
Writing is another glory
That I indulge my mind within...
See here the tales I like to spin.
picture of flower Discover what I choose to do
With palettes full of heightened hues –
My trusty digital lightspeed mare
Has helped me make some magic fare!
picture of woman And if you care to know some more
About the creature at the door
Who spins and weaves what here you see,
Then read a little
about me
picture of boat And look how lucky I have been -
The jobs I've had, the things I've seen!
In my career as a
Fate and fun have oft conspired!
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