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Chinchilla Princess  
  the chinchilla princess ...  
The Chinchilla Princess © Sri Elkins 2005
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The Chinchilla Princess

The Chinchilla Princess was born with a pelt of fur so soft it felt like a whispering afternoon breeze, a glint in her eyes as wild and fresh as those moments at dusk when cats go out to hunt with an electric dance in their step, and a generous heart made of the purest, shining gold.

When she was placed in her mother’s arms, she asked, "Where will my journey take me, Mama?" and Mama replied, "As far as you care to travel, little great one."

And the Chinchilla Princess smiled as she dreamt of the theretofore undreamt of adventures that she would have in exotic, undiscovered places full of luscious wonders and magical surprises.


The Chinchilla Princess grew up, as ordinary girls do… She asked a lot of questions, cried when she hurt, laughed when she was delighted, and learned about the world through taste, touch, sound, smell and heart.

She went to school and was a studious child, excelling in her learning. When she finished school, her Mama said to her, "So, little great one, now is the time to choose what you will do in the world. What will it be?"

The Chinchilla Princess replied, "I want to be a great and important person, Mama!"

"You are already great and important, my child," said Mama. "But you must choose a calling, for you will need a way to use your greatness in the world. What will it be?"

The Chinchilla Princess thought about this very seriously for a long moment, and then she said, "I want to be a Rulebender, Mama. For then I can help people when the Rules stop them from being all that they want to be."

"You have made a fine choice, little great one." Mama (who was not at all surprised) replied (for as you know, The Chinchilla Princess’s heart was full of generosity and made of the purest gold).

And so The Chinchilla Princess was admitted to The Grand Palace of Law, where she spent many years learning the Rules of the Agreed World. (By that I mean, dear reader, the world that we all agree upon, and if that is not clear, it surely will be by the time I have finished this tale).


One fine, sparkling summer's day, The Chinchilla Princess was walking in the soft, green forest near her home when she met a handsome woodsman on her path.

Oh my, but he had a glowing smile in his gentle eyes and a fine heart that seemed to beat in rhythm with hers! And so, as is the way when a young woman hears the call, she fell in love.

The Chinchilla Princess moved into the forest to live with her beloved woodsman in his humble home.

By day she attended The Grand Palace of Law, and by night, to the sound of the crickets wooing eachother with their ancient songs, she curled up snug in the safe, strong arms of her lover, and she was happy.

Some years later, The Chinchilla Princess finished her studies and attended a fabulous ceremony at The Grand Palace of Law (to which she wore a very nice looking and important hat and a beautiful cape lined in fine satin), where The Great Professor Bears of Law gave her a magnificent Magical Scroll.

The scroll was made of a soft, cream parchment, and had handles of the finest silver, which had been mined and spun by the ancient Salamander Fire Spirits who serve the great Djinn in the Desert of Dreams.

(You know of the powerful race of Djinn, do you not, dear reader? It is said that, if you can catch a Djinn, it will grant you three wishes. So you can imgine just how extraordinary and powerful the scroll truly was!)

The Chinchilla Princess was very excited. Now she could go out into the world and bend the Rules of the Agreed World with her Magical Scroll, and Make Things Happen!

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