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Chinchilla Princess  
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Ghost Emergency
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Writing was my first love. I found it when I was still young and innocent, and together we explored the world...

I used to stay up until the wee hours of the morning, reading mostly myths, legends, spooky stories of the supernatural and science! And then in the day I would write and make up new marvels about the universe.

Unfortunately I abandoned Writing as I grew older. There were disagreements, misunderstandings and so on, but really what broke us up was the 'real' world of my life, and the people who came between us.

I left Writing for Art. I am happy to say that Art has been my steadfast and true companion all these years - we have built a healthy, nurturing, inspiring and faithful relationship.

But I always missed Writing... yearning for it secretly in the dark. I tried to rekindle our relationship a few times over the years, but Writing turned its back on me, refusing to let me in. I only ever received blank pages in return for my attempts at communication.

Then something changed. I think it was when I finally returned to the home where we had first met and spent those happy years together...

Suddenly Writing was returning to me, and stumbling and bumbling we began to communicate once again.

Since then I have written three children's stories (which I am illustrating too, for Writing and Art and I have now settled into a most agreeable little threesome), a fable and also have a few more adult projects on the go.

The Chinchilla Princess is a fable I wrote when my sister asked me to write her a story for her birthday. I don't think either of us expected what emerged! It's about choosing what's right for you, I guess, and is published here in its entirety, as it was always intended as a gift.

The Ghost Emergency Procedure, Monsters, Schmonsters! and Crazy Daisy are children's stories I am seeking to get published. So for now I have only put samples of them on the site... little teasers, I guess you could say :)



Crazy Daisy