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Crazy Daizy is a children's story aimed at girls in particular aged 6-10 (or thereabouts:) and is written in rhyming verse.

It's about a kooky girl called Crazy Daizy who has bizarre adventures... are they real adventures or just the wild fantasies of an over-imaginative child? Crazy Daizy's defining characteristic is that she just doesn't care if people think that she's loopy because she is perfectly happy being her!

The story is designed to encourage kids to enjoy their imagination and value their uniqueness.

An excerpt from Crazy Daizy...

People call me Crazy Daizy cos they just don’t get my style.
You see, they lack imagination and can’t see how versatile
The funny things I wear are, and how they help me out
When I am off on my adventures as a daring super scout!

Let us take, I think, to start with, these pegs up in my hair!
A grown-up would only think they were for hanging clothes to air.
However I am cleverer than that, as you will see...
For they really are most excellent tor hanging things on ME.

When I am out adventuring as a daring super scout,
These pegs are things that I could never, ever be without!
Say, for example, should I find an arctic polar bear…
Then zippedy-pop, and up it goes I’ve pegged it in my hair!

© Sri Elkins 2005

Crazy Daisy