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Monsters, Schmonsters!

Monsters, Schmonsters! is a children's story aimed at children aged 6-10 (or thereabouts:) and is written in rhyming verse.

It's a humourous tale about a precocious boy who faces up to the monsters in his room, told from the point of view of a monstrous narrator!

The story is designed to provide children with a light-hearted angle on dealing with the concept of monsters.

Excerpt from Monsters, Schmonsers! ...

Monsters, Schmonsters – keep them at bay,
Lest you live to rue the day
Those hairy, scary erstwhile beasts
Decide that YOU be their next feast!

Grinding their teeth and stomping their feet,
They march to an ominous thomping beat.

Fum, Fi, Fo, Fee… Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum…
Run child, QUICK! Lest you become Monster GUM!

Thomp! Thomp! Thomp! The bed shakes…

Thomp! Thomp! Thomp! The cupboard quakes…

Monsters, Schmonsters – banging on your door.
Grumbling, rumbling, can you hear their bellies ROAR?
They’re hungry, they’re ravenous,
Their mouths are so cavernous!

Flashing red eyes, and scraping their claws
They gnash and clash their sharp, toothy jaws.

Fum, Fi, Fo, Fee… Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum…
Run child, QUICK! Hurry! Get up off your bum!

© Sri Elkins 2003

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