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we are all creators... and so I seek to recreate the world in my own image ;-)

I have had the distinct fortune in my 10 year career as a multimedia artist and designer to work for some truly innovative and inspiring organisations/projects, such as:

The Digital Village/h2g2 (company founded by the late Douglas Adams to explore and exploit new media delivery systems for delivery of content based on his cult book The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy)

My design experience across these and other projects has included web (from the design of small company websites to large online communities – user interface, CMS, visual and functional elements), print (brochures, corporate communications materials and gifts, business cards, posters etc), branding and identity development and implementation, illustration, iconography, storyboarding and 3D game art.

I am highly skilled in the Adobe Creative Suite, Dreamweaver (HTML, CSS), Flash and other interactive applications.

I am also a fast and hungry learner and always enjoy the opportunity to apply my design skills in new applications and technologies! But I also believe in seeking the best delivery platform for a client’s needs, not in just using something because it seems cool… sometimes the simplest choices are often the best!

I am highly motivated, dedicated and professional with a strong work ethic and an equal belief that work should fun and dynamic.

I learn fast and I work well on my own, but enjoy most working with a team of others from different disciplines and to continually develop my existing and new skills through such interaction.

I love innovation and have a passion for creating a product or experience that best serves and engages the user’s needs as seamlessly as possible.

I am very creative but also extremely thorough and analytical (both in design and administration) and enjoy all stages and aspects of design and development.

It's just so fun to make a thing work well and to make it look good at the same time :)

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