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Rainbow Concepts: Funkie Club

Funkie Club is an Australian consumer accessories brand marketed at tween (5-15 yrs) girls.

Rainbow Concepts initially approached creative design agency Amok Creative, to tender for the development of a website that would promote their brand. Under contract with Amok I researched and conceptualised an online community website, which we successfully pitched to Rainbow Concepts.

Based on the concept that the site had been created by the fictional characters that feature on Funkie Club products, the website featured character profiles, daily character diaries, the ability to interact with the characters via email, games, weekly forums, polls, a photo gallery, activities, surveys, guides to things like safe (web) surfing, and a gallery of products that the users could obtain by a points system we created to reward users for interactivity.

I designed the information architecture, the user interface, flash games, the content manament system to support administration of interactive content, developed the character personalities, in character wrote all content for the site and corresponded with users, created, moderated the weekly forums, created online emarketing campaigns, and managed administrative staff.

In the 9 months I worked on FC the membership grew from 0 to 13,000 members, much by word of mouth.


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