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Education Queensland International

Education Queensland International (EQI) is the international arm of the Queensland Department Of Education, Training and The Arts. They manage and promote academic and holiday study programs for international students in Queensland Government high schools, and also license the Queensland curriculum to international educators.

As the Senior Communications Officer (Web, Multimedia & Print) for EQI I have been resonsible for development of a global brand strategy for the department, and creation and management of all their marketing and promotional materials.

This has included the development and build of their website. The design was almost complete when I started work with them, so I finished the design of the user interface and built two versions of the site - one on the government's internal server using their content management system, TeamSite, and the other on an external server using Dreamweaver (html with css).

I have also conceptualised a large online community website for international students living and learning in Queensland Government schools for EQI, which I have presented successfully to both internal and external stakeholders. The project is currently being scoped further for funding requirements and at time of writing I am unable to display wireframes or conceptual drawings for privacy issues.


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