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When I have a little time to spare, get tired of doing things for other people, sick of splashing paint everywhere or making things up with words, I sometimes like to mess around with the photos I take and turn them into strange other things.

Such as the magical world of fey... call me girly but I just loooove to put wings on things!

I also like montage... taking elements from one thing and superimposing them with others.

And then there's the painterly child in me who just likes to play with textures, and to scribble on things until stories emerge from my imagination. I guess I never did leave the sand pit!

If I were inclined to be grandoise about it I'd tell you it's all a sorta pixel alchemy (alas, no gold yet). But that would surely make you scoff, so I won't ;-)

Anyway, I babble... go poke your nose in someone else's business and have a look around :)

a montage so bright