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deep in the aquatic  
  Silent Walkers
Acrylic on Canvas
1150 x 600mm
Private Collection
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plant   leaves
is a forest and
  forest floor  

Silent Walkers (section)

Softly and silently they walk
Through the whispering, marshy glen.
A haunting of you and me –
My distant memory of When…

When we moved together in time
On a path sprung alive by our dreams,
But we never stopped to look
At the threads wearing bare at the seams.

So now We have faded to Them –
Impressions, memories, ghosts.
Forever to haunt in the glen
That my rambling heart ever hosts.

there a goddess
with sweet humour
watches stripey folk
at other forms
of play...
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silent walkers   the old gods
the forest of dream sentinels
rainymorningland hope
the loving tree two by one